Demo 2010

by Candy

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released January 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Candy Prague, Czech Republic

Funky Punk Retard Music OR ´gummipanzerfaust music alias eccentric cranky cracky crack neurotic fusion of mentally masturbated desillusion

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Track Name: London
There is a house in London
downtown in a nice street
there is, there is a light in a window
window of that building in the street
In that window sitting man in black skirt watching
watching neighbour over,...
the street´s crying

He is sitting crippled in a wheel chair
watching a film
Something strange and awful
is going to happen on TV

Drive slowly. Grapes are sleeping.

Mother holds her little daughter
fourteen minutes under water
Not to make her any troubles
but to see some funny bubbles

Everything is possible
bad or good
you´re right
you´re mine
no resistance to kind mother´s hands of fire
breathe water, she smiles with honor
what did she tell her?

get it?...
Track Name: Geronimo
sweet kiddie little kiddie sits in the corner
master father of him is santa alcoclaus
sweetie, sweetie praying for diarrhoea
for his father to get him lost

he is alone, he goes to wood
he tries to find someone like Robin Hood
santa´s print on his mood
in his life there´s no good

romantic, phantasm, mangled soul
boiled with acid toad
is free delivery
in a mo, in a mo
searching for a junk
be all day drunk
that´s the infamous family
like it or lump (it)

no place to mock, no joy of
spinning top, he´s going off

REF.: his-story is an echo

It´s high time to get out

splendiferous plane is waiting for you my friend
the trip is for all of you, all of you, fools
it´s time to escape to binary land
get out of here to the world without rules

he´s still alone, still wets himself
boiled acid toad smells in his lamp


It´s cocain doodle-do

Get ready for landing in 5,4,3,2,1 - GO

beautiful day for horny sheeps
no way to be afraid of the Beast
you may be anything what you ever wanted to be
in land of nothing is future for your bravery

in land of party freaks rabbits are so strong
whatever you are, it can´t be wrong but
if a dog is a cat
the human is a rat

stand up, watch out, stick out, your chest
your god inquisitor makes you suffer best

no fried
or boiled
acid toad and goat

no lies, no burned pies
don´t forget to fall in love

if a dog is a cat
the human is a rat
as sure as eggs is eggs